Anyone who has never had a reading with me before may have the introductory Priced reading for $60.00. This is a Hour reading either done in Person , Online in private Chat, by phone, or by Email . This reading Starts with a Aura Reading, Then into a Psychic Reading which includes Past , Present & Future. The entire time i am working with you, my Clairvoyant gifts are active ,as well as the Medium . So I will be telling you everything i am Feeling , Hearing, Seeing , Smelling, & Sensing . My Senses are heighten to allow me to connect with not only your energy, but the energy of those that come thru during your reading. They convey , Happy memories you may have shared, Images i see that they may be showing me , and most of all the feelings your friends or loved ones are feeling knowing they are able to communicate messages to you through me.  This can be very emotional for not only the people i am reading for but for myself as well because i have a deep Empathic Gift that allows me to share the feelings of both you and your loved one.

I Also do Tarot Readings which are $35.00 and you may choose your Deck out of the many i work with . My Normal Pricing is $1.00 per Minute for all Reading and have a minimum of at least 60 minutes at my home based Studio, but also can be Tailored to Custom your reading to any of the Above area's i mentioned.   . This is because i want it to be Affordable for everyone to benefit from my Gifts.

I also am Available for Parties & do alot of Charity Events. Please contact me for more information Regarding these Events. 

How I do my readings & what you can Expect-

Prices & Reading Choices-

The most information i will ask you is if you have ever had a Psychic Reading done before ? & Where you Live...I will ask you to send me a picture of Yourself about 1 hour Prior to your reading time..Once your reading is ready to begin I will ask you not to comment , answer any question, even if i say something in a question form . I do allow while doing live readings you to take notes and if you must communicate during the reading i will not say no . I just prefer my Gifts to give you All of the information you are seeking and not because you gave me some personal information to go from. This will Last anywhere from 20-45 Minutes .. We will have time to both talk and you to communicate or ask me to Elaborate further if needed on any of the Information or Puzzle Pieces as i call them that come thru..Most of all if i did not answer a question you might have been looking for a Answer for Please Ask.