I Love having Satisfied Clients. If you Refer me to your Friends, Family , Co-Workers or just about anyone I like to reward you with Free Services. If you Refer 3 People who book appointments with me , you earn a Free Tarot Reading. If you Refer just 2 more Friends equaling 5 total you will earn another Free 1 hour Psychic Reading with me . My Clients are the best Advertisement  I have,  and appreciate your referrals which is why I like to reward you with these free gifts.

You may also earn your points by taking one of my classes that i teach at least once a month and if you bring a friend , i also count that towards your free rewards. I teach a class called  "Psychic Awareness" and also "Beginner Aura Readiing." You do not have to be a Psychic to learn how to become Physically Aware of Psychic signs that happen everyday but you may not notice them. Once you have had a reading with me I will ask if you would like to be added to my email list so you can be notified when i will be having these classes. 

Thank you , 

The Saratoga Spiritualist

‚ÄčMichelle Ann


 Coming Soon - Links to some of my favorite Online Stores that are owned by friends that have Quality Handmade Products .