The Saratoga Spiritualist
Michelle Ann Wagner

Psychic, Clairvoyant,  Medium, Aura readings,

                          &   Tarot Cards   


 Readings can be done Live at my Studio , Online in private Chat , or by Email.   All Readings are by Appointment Only & Confidential .  For more information feel free to contact my directly at  518~496~6822.

Hello ~ My Name is Michelle Ann and i am the Saratoga Spiritualist.  My gifts allow me to do Aura Reading, Psychic Readings which include Past, Present & Future , Clairvoyancy in many forms and also Medium that allow me to connect with Loved ones , Friends or anyone who has passed that would like to give you a message or guidance from the other side.  

I Inherited some some of these gifts from my Italian Grandmother Ann who was also a devoted Roman Catholic and practiced Strega from her family heritage. This was also how i was raised. These Gift came to me at a very young age of 5 year old . It was very confusing and also scary time and has taken me 44

years to get to where I am today . This is also why i call myself a Spiritualist . After my Grandmother passed who was not only my best friend but a Mentor , I still felt as if I still needed to learn more and fine tune these things before I wanted to share my gifts with the world.  I ended up meeting a very Special Lady that encouraged & guided me threw the next few years and I can say today , she truly changed my life. This is what my heart told me I should be doing but never had the courage to publicly call myself a Psychic. These 2 very special Ladies made me believe in myself , told me that EVERYTHING ,  happens for a reason and that someday I would be made to put a price tag on what i felt my gifts are worth. This still rings true today and everyday that i continue to do what i love and that is touching everyday peoples lives with my Gifts. If you are asking yourself why you are reading this information about myself right now , trust your Instinct that you were Guided to me for a reason.......Please allow me to help you understand what that reason may be ....Sincerely The Saratoga Spiritualist ~ Michelle Ann.